Canadian Resources: Travel

  1. Use ArriveCAN to enter Canada
  1. Travel to Canada: Requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated travelers
  1. It’s generally cheaper to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
  1. LOT Airlines from Poland had special rates in May, available only by phone.  You may want to call them and ask if they have any other unadvertised specials.
  1. Check the cost of round trip vs. one way.  It may be cheaper to purchase a round trip ticket and cancel the return trip upon arrival in the US.  Some airlines may give a refund or credit.
  1. If flying inland (North, South or Midwest), it may be cheaper to purchase a ticket to a port of entry and then a separate ticket from there to the final destination, rather than a direct ticket.  Also, be sure to allow enough time to pass through customs at the port of entry.  Sometimes there may be a delay.
  1. A few organizations may be able to offer assistance with flights, such as Safe Passage 4 Ukraine.