About: NA4U Process

We gather information from Ukrainians requesting NA4U assistance as well as interested sponsors, and we then match them considering locations, family sizes, genders (for example we do not place a single woman in a house with a single man), ages, etc. We also make every effort to prioritize those most at risk.

Once we receive an interest form from a sponsor, we initiate a background check. After they pass the check, we search for Ukrainians who requested our assistance and begin the matching process. Once we find a potential good match, we inform the parties, and if they agree to move forward, we set up a group chat. From there, a video call will be arranged, with a translator if needed, which includes a home tour. Once everyone is in agreement, the sponsor submits the government forms and travel plans begin.

Throughout the process, we do our best to educate both the sponsors and the Ukrainians about the program, the commitment they would be making, where they would be living, expectations, etc. When the Ukrainains arrive, they may apply for a work authorization which can take 2 – 9 months to be processed and received. The potentially lengthy wait time for a work authorization card is an expectation that must be considered and understood by both parties.

⚠️ North America for Ukraine will NEVER ask anyone to pay to find a sponsor or for other services. We will never ask for payment information. Please, if you are approached by someone offering to find you a sponsor for a fee, know that this is illegitimate and should not be done. These are very likely to be scams and fraudulent. ⚠️

NA4U Stay Safe Disclaimer

Please do your own research when communicating with Sponsors/Hosts/Ukrainian families. Your safety & possessions are your own responsibility. We as volunteers working with North America for Ukraine, are not liable for persons or possessions. DO NOT provide personal identification information such as – government ID issued numbers (exception- Passport Number), financial information (exception- assets) nor any passwords.

NA4U Red Flags

We recommend for everyone to look out for the following Red Flags that could indicate an unsafe or less than ideal situation:

  1. The Sponsor/Host asks for goods or services in exchange for the stay, such as babysitting, household chores (not pertaining to their own family), or requests money.
  2. Individual asks someone to go on a date or perform sexual acts in exchange for accommodations or in general.
  3. Person at the arranged accommodation is not the individual beneficiaries have been in communication with.
  4. Sponsor/Host requests personal identification information including details that could lead to personal identity theft outside of the necessary information needed on the Sponsor form.