Become a Sponsor/Host: Canada

If you are willing to host in Canada, please complete this form and we will reach out to you when we are able to match you with a refugee. 

Here is what you can expect for next steps:

  1. The refugee family will need to apply for CUAET first. Then, we begin matching once the Visa application has started.
  2. One or more persons will be identified to host with assistance from North America for Ukraine. They will start by describing the family and their specific needs to you and sending photos. 
  3. North America for Ukraine requests background checks on hosts through an agency, and provides support through the matching process.
  4. With your agreement to an initial meeting, a text communication via messaging will begin.   A few topics we recommend discussing include:
    1. Available room and board
    2. Available social services
    3. Transportation to Canada — when can you receive the refugees/when can they travel?
    4. Transportation within the host city — what is needed and what is available.
    5. Anticipated length of stay
    6. Employment opportunities
    7. Cultural and social opportunities
    8. Availability to help with completing appropriate forms
    9. Family histories
    10. Likes and dislikes, such as habits and hobbies
    11. Shared household expectations 
    12. We encourage a dialogue about what sponsors expect from Ukrainians as house guests, and what Ukrainians expect to establish their own independence and lifestyle.  It is important to be open and honest to help avoid conflicts later.
  5. A video call with a home tour will then be scheduled, and North America for Ukraine has a translator available for these.
  6. Make travel arrangements with the refugee family (keep in mind that often the refugee family has no travel funds available.  If the host assists with travel arrangements, this is an agreement between the host and the refugee family. If you do purchase plane tickets for refugees, it is advised to never send money and book the travel arrangements yourself once you are certain the refugees are ready to travel).   
  7. Pick up the refugee family from the airport on their arrival date. 

For other ways to host in Canada, you can list yourself with the following platforms:

The following are further resources regarding hosting in Canada: