Become a Sponsor/Host: USA

If you are ready to become a sponsor, please fill out this form:

 USA Sponsor Sign Up Form

Here is what you can expect for next steps:

  1. A sponsor coordinator will reach out to you to confirm your preferences for a family in need, as well as to answer any questions about U4U.
  2. NA4U completes a background check on sponsors and sends a Waiver, which basically states that you understand we are not placing a family with you; we are assisting you and ultimately, the decision to sponsor a particular person/family is yours.
  3. NA4U will introduce you to potential matches and upon your approval, we will connect you in a monitored group chat with suggested topics for discussion, help facilitate a video chat to confirm identities, and assist you with submitting the necessary paperwork for sponsorship. Reach out to a sponsor coordinator for a guide to completing the I-134A  
  4. Here are the documents USCIS recommends you as a sponsor provide: tax return, employer letter (or paystubs), bank letter (or statements) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport).
  5. The beneficiary will provide their data to you and you will submit one I-134A for each beneficiary, regardless of age.
  6. Await sponsor confirmation. The average processing time is currently an average of 4-6 weeks, some more, some less. We encourage you to stay in touch with your beneficiaries during this time.
  7. After confirmation comes, the beneficiary will receive two emails: one with the confirmation and one with an access code and instructions for setting up their account to submit their request for Travel Authorization (TA).
  8. After Travel Authorization comes, the beneficiary is encourage to coordinate with their sponsor in making travel plans.
  9. Pick up your beneficiary from the airport.
  10. . Plan to house and provide basic necessities for your beneficiaries in the beginning. The U4U program is currently limited to 2 years from the time the passport is stamped; however, most beneficiaries remain with their sponsors/hosts 3-6 months on average. This is something you should discuss in advance if you have a specific idea of length of stay
  11. Beneficiaries will need assistance getting a US phone number, applying for health insurance and other government assistance, applying for their work authorization and SSN, acquiring their US driver’s license, opening a bank account, finding employment, and enrolling children in school. Appointments are heavier on the front end, so anticipate more time spent in the first month as the beneficiaries become settled. Ukrainians are typically very driven and want to become self-reliant, so their needs may vary. We encourage a dialogue about expectations in the early part of the process, making Ukrainians aware of the opportunities in your specific area.
  12. You are not required to be a guarantor or provide any kind of financial assistance beyond your means. However, your beneficiaries will benefit from your knowledge in acquiring housing, etc. Do as much as you feel comfortable, and be transparent in your efforts so your beneficiaries have a clear idea of what will be required of them when they become independent.

Paper Sponsorship

A paper-sponsor only submits the I-134A while the refugee is hosted by someone other than the sponsor, usually a family member or friend already in the US. At NA4U, we require proofs of a host before providing access to a paper sponsor to ensure the refugee will not be stranded and become a ‘public charge’ upon arrival. If you are already hosting someone and wish to help more families, or you do not have additional time or space to host), paper sponsorship is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help. To become a paper sponsor, please fill out the same request form but indicate that you with to Sponsor Only.